We love travel. And we are here to help you travel safely.


All country-level information is updated daily and a community of travellers provide on-the-ground local tips.


Sign in, choose where you are traveling from and see your personalised travel requirements.


Our premium customer service is here to help you plan safe trips and take care of all the necessary paperwork.

Why do you need TripSafe?

There is nothing worse than arriving at an airport to find you haven't brought the right documents.
It's easy to fall victim to this, even if you've spent hours trying to piece together changing restrictions and regulations on various State Department websites.

Now there's a simple way to keep track of all the travel restrictions that apply to you right now. You will see where you can safely and conveniently travel at a glance, and when you need extra paperwork.

With TripSafe you get a comprehensive and personalised understanding of all the regulations that apply to you. We take a complex system and simplify it into just a few clicks. So you have everything you need to travel safely.

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How it Works

Try the app for free

You can access the app for free to discover the benefits. Simply select where you are traveling from and see all open destinations. You can create a free profile to follow up to 3 destinations and receive e-mail covid related updates. We currently provide a service for travelers from the US with other countries coming soon.

Get a silver plan to access all in-app features

Travel safely with a membership plan that fits your needs. With silver membership you can see all data within the app. With gold & platinum you get premium tailored service. Payments are powered by Stripe.

Plans & Pricing
Enjoy the benefits of TripSafe

You can see detailed info including travel & local requirements for any destination. Open destinations are in the list, closed destinations are to be found via search bar. Filter the destinations based on different requirements. See comments and becoma a vital part of our community.


“I usually go on a least one trip a month, for either business or pleasure, usually both. Covid has made things difficult because I don’t have time for complications or anything that’s not perfect. Their premium support is saving me so much time and energy. I just send a message to my travel consultant and get all my questions answered. They take care of all the bookings and paperwork as well.”
Kimberly Scott
“This is one of the best apps I have seen in a while. For me as a frequent traveler that owns a travel theme page, this literally saves my journeys!”
“I’m a digital nomad and covid really put a hole in all my plans! I almost gave up on the nomad life because I didn’t know where to go and couldn’t keep track of all the changes going on. Then I found TripSafe and have been using it for a few months. It’s perfect for what I need - clear, simple information about where I can go and what I need to do. It’s well worth a few dollars a month so I can stay safe and continue traveling!”
Joshua McTree

Meet the Team

If you can help us encourage millions of people to travel more we want to hear from you. Email us at hello@tripsafe.io


TripSafe Founder



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