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We’ve been working in travel for all our working lives, as travel planners and directors of different travel companies. We formed TripSafe so our clients could continue to travel safely. We wanted to help our clients understand where they can travel and under what restrictions. So we started TripSafe.

The response has been fantastic. Thanks to popular demand we’ve opened up TripSafe membership to everyone. We have a team of travel professionals who monitor restrictions and regulations on a daily basis. These experts are also available by phone and messaging to gold and platinum TripSafe members, to take care of everything from rearranging tickets to exact paperwork for Covid-safe travel.

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Stepan Borovec is director of TripSafe and is on a mission to help more people travel safely, during and after the pandemic.


David Eder is founder of multiple travel agencies and supports TripSafe as it’s essential to keeping his clients safe.

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Stephen Bailey is director of Kated.com and supports TripSafe as Head of Brand.